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Adriana Renton

B.A.Sc, R,Kin, FST, FRCms
Kinesiologist, Fascial Stretch Therapist
Personal Trainer and Movement Specialist
Adriana Renton Head Shot2 cropped.jpg

As a Registered Kinesiologist and Level II Fascial Stretch Therapist, Adriana prides herself on being a health advocate in facilitating patients into optimal health and high performance. 


Adriana’s sports career from ballet to biathlon to Varsity Rugby athlete and injury has enabled her to appreciate the body’s capabilities. Adriana believes no one should be in pain whether acutely or chronically. Her focus is to coach patients to better understand their body mechanics, sport-specific training needs, incorporating mobility through Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) principles in Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) for flexibility, injury prevention, rehabilitation and pain management.


Do you own your body or does it dictate how you feel and how you move?


Adriana has a passion for movement and continues to conquer physical milestones including the Toronto Island Women’s triathlon, running a half marathon, and continues to jump into any sport to work in all energy systems of strength, endurance, speed and power movements. She believes as a coach that she should be able to do anything her patients do!

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