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Shuran Jandu


Registered Massage Therapist
Athletic Therapist
Performance Stretch Therapist
Shuran head shot.png

Shuran has treated people from all realms of life, and believes every human deserves the best care to reach a higher level of health, wellness and happiness.  Her specialties include athletic and daily injuries, pre and post natal massage, and spinal cord/nerve injuries, she finds the most joy in creating a better quality of life for all her clients.  Shuran has many years of experience providing sports massage, deep tissue massage, relaxation massage, spinal cord injury recovery massage and lymphatic drainage.


Shuran believes in a strong link between physical health and mental health, a belief that guides her practice.  She believes the body remembers and carries its’ journey.


Shuran’s treatment style is slow and deliberate, each movement and pressure with intention to alleviate stress from the body and reduce pain.  Myofascial release, trigger point release, neuromuscular techniques and traditional Swedish massage are just a few of her tools in the treatment room.


Shuran is a globetrotter, and spends her local down time playing dodgeball and volleyball.  She relishes in dancing, reading and spending time with her family.  Her mind/body care include her gardening time, yoga, going for hikes and bike rides.  Shuran has recently taken up meditation and appreciates the super power of calmness.  She has a strong desire to give and provide support to whomever she can which is the main reason she loves massage therapy so much, the gift of helping another is incredibly rewarding.

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